Back Pain Back Pain

The personal and economic effects & costs of back pain are enormous through-out society. Despite advancements in medicines and surgeries it continues to be a major societal health problem.

Injury relates to damage to a number of structures; bone, ligament, tendon, muscle, nerve and disc. These are all structures that can be positively affected by physiotherapy with techniques as diverse as manipulation, mobilisation, exercises, electrotherapy, dry needling and massage which are all techniques offered at Cottesloe Physiotherapy Centre.

The mobilisation (gentle) and manipulation approaches we use come from different schools and methods ie Maitland, Mulligan, McKenzie, Ridgway, Jull, Sahrman along with many more influences from others such as Karltenborn and the neurological influences of Elvey and Batlen.

What this means for you is a comprehensive approach to your problem with more than one arrow in the quiver. Your body is our business.

Head & Neck Pain Head and Neck Pain

The head can have a variety of causes for pain but a significant contribution can be made by upper neck and jaw joints which are areas a physio has significant expertise to deal with. Headaches are a common and devastating problem. The neck as a contributor to headaches is considered a possible cause in research though estimates vary widely from 35% to 80% in studies.

Neck pain without headaches is also common and the structures affected are joint, ligament, bone, muscles, tendons and intervertebral disc which can be positively affected by mobilisations (gentle), manipulation, massage, electrotherapy, dry needling, exercise etc. Help us help you, Your body is our Business.

 Chronic Pain Management

The devasting effects of being unable to escape pain have spurned a specialist area of medicine known as Chronic Pain Management. This area of research and level of knowledge is growing rapidly with physio’s heavily involved in those problems that have musculo-skeletal cause and effects.

Our physio’s work hand in hand with the medical specialists whose expertise guide us in this difficult and challenging area. Physio is uniquely placed to help with our knowledge of movement and the hands on techniques to provide relief and education. Your body is our business.

Sports Physiotherapy Sports Injuries

Injuries in sport can affect muscles, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, almost anything but what concerns us particularly are the muscle, joint and bone injuries that are acute or chronic. Help us get you back to your peak performance with the many skills we have to offer. Is it the golf swing, can’t serve in tennis, keep tearing those hamstrings? Your body Is our business.

Pilates Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise consisting of general strengthening, mobility, lengthening and targeted rehabilitation of specific problem areas. The fundamental principles consist of breathing, control, neutral centring, precision and flowing movements as well as utilizing the mind-body connection.

Pilates focuses on improving core strength and encourages activation of the core with every exercise. Having good core strength helps to prevent against back and other injuries by providing pelvic and spinal stability. Your body is our business.