"Tailoring treatments to patients specific problems and situations is the key"

Chronic Pain, PACING and the ‘Boom and Bust’ Cycle

in Management of Chronic Disorders

We see a very common pattern develop in many patients with persistent or chronic pain.  Quite often people think they should be able to do particular activities, such as housework, gardening, home maintenance or sitting at a computer, and push themselves to do things, despite it causing significant increases in their pain.  This in turn,…

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Tracy’s Tips for taking the load off your lower back

in Physiotherapy

Tracy’s Tips for taking the load off your lower back How much load you put through your lower back when you bend & lift doesn’t just depend on how much weight you are lifting, but how you lift and how much you spread your load between your back, hips & knees.  You shouldn’t be aiming…

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Tracy’s Top 10 Vacuuming Tips

in Physiotherapy

Vacuuming would be one of the toughest of household chores on your lower back.  The main reason being that it is a significant force that is a long way from the back (ie the load on your back has a very long lever arm).  The other reasons are, that your back stays bent over for…

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Is your pillow suitable?

in Health & Lifestyle

Is your Pillow Suitable? A lot of patients ask us if their pillow is suitable for them. This is particularly crucial for neck pain, shoulder pain and headache sufferers as the type of pillow they use will impact their problem. Here are some signs that would suggest you might want to hunt for another pillow!…

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Welcome to my page

in Introductions

Hi, my name is Tracy Wallwork & welcome to my page. From time to time I’ll post informative articles, links and information on various Chronic Pain Management related topics. Check back regularly for updates! Tracy.

About Tracy

Tracy Wallwork completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland and worked as a general physiotherapist in large teaching hospital interstate and overseas. She then completed a postgraduate diploma in Manipulative and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 1989. Since then, she has worked in private practice treating a broad range of patients with sport injuries, hip and shoulder pain, soft tissue injuries, neck pain, headaches and low back pain.

Tracy completed a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy in 2006 in the study of chronic low back pain and the physiotherapy management of it. She has carried out a research study investigating the effect of chronic back pain on the spinal muscles. She has published these findings in physiotherapy journals. As part of her research she has trained in the use of real-time ultrasound to assess, treat and teach spinal muscle control.

She also works part time with the Fremantle Hospital Pain Medicine Unit as part of a multidisciplinary team, which includes an Occupational Therapist, Clinical Psychologists and Pain Specialists. The focus of the team is to educate and help patients to use self management skills to improve their quality of life.

She has a special interest in treating persistent or recurring musculoskeletal problems. As no one back, neck or shoulder problem is the same, detailed assessments enable specific problems that are contributing to ongoing pain and reduced activity, to be targeted, and treatment and exercise programmes can be tailored to specific problems and particular needs ie work, lifestyle, and sports. A treatment programme is designed according to specific patient needs and this may include muscle control retraining using real-time ultrasound, strengthening and stretching exercises, posture and specific movement retraining and advice regarding work, lifestyle and sporting activities.

Having four children Tracy has become an expert spectator of a myriad of sports including horse riding, rowing, water polo, surf life saving, karate, football, rugby and tennis. In between spectating she enjoys bike riding, swimming and kayaking. She enjoys taking part in events such as the Avon Descent, The Blackwood Marathon and the Bay to Beach Race.