"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind it doesn't matter."

What’s Your Handicap?

in Health & Lifestyle, Physiotherapy

So you play golf – do you know your handicap? Of course you do it’s a number between 1 (incase you are a disturbingly focused individual) and 36 (in which case I can sympathise with you) but could it be that your handicap doesn’t exist as a single or double digit numerical figure – perhaps…

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Dislocated Shoulder? What Should You Do?

in Health & Lifestyle

Dislocated shoulder? What should you do? It’s a three-step process: 1)     Swear loudly 2)     Put it in a sling 3)     Get it checked out as soon as possible The first step is optional. The second and third MUST OCCUR. Even if your shoulder pops out and then pops back in, you still need to get…

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Technology and it’s Effect

in Health & Lifestyle

Technology has a big effect on our bodies. As part of our plugged in lifestyle how much time are we spending on desk top, lap tops, tablets or smart phones? If we are under 25 the answer is a considerable amount of time. But this means we are sitting often with our spines in poor…

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About Martin

Martin was born in Belfast, North Ireland and moved to Australia in 1974 to the outback town of Woomea in South Australia.
For the last year of school he travelled to the big smoke of Adelaide where he began studying Electrical Engineering , this lead to changing degrees to Physiotherapy in 1980.

Martin left South Australia for work in Launceston, Tasmania but the allure of Perth, West Australia kept drawing him. He arrived in 1997 worked and then applied for and was granted a position at Curtin in their Post Graduate programme for Manipulative Therapy.

Work in Western Australia has been varied with a stint as the physiotherapist for the first 2 years of the Hopman Cup which sadly did not improve his tennis! He also worked as a physio with the Perth Wild cats.

Martin has worked overseas as a physio in Vancouver and also in private practice in London. He started working for Cottesloe Physio in 1997 and has been here ever since. His current interests are; staying sane while raising teenagers and various musculoskeletal conditions including neck related headaches and biomechanical back and limb anomalies. His star sign is Virgo but don’t hold this against him.