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Where to From Here?

in Exercises & Stretches

After leaving the tender ministrations of our practice when the patient is now pain free and mobile again, they will ask the question. What is an exercise programme I can do that will keep me better and lower my risk of future problems? My answer will be to offer a small bouquet of options namely;…

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About Imogen

Imogen grew up on a family Dairy farm in Narrikup, located 20 minutes away from the coastal town of Albany.

As a teenager she moved to Perth to study Medical Administration at Perth Central TAFE, were shortly after completing the course at age 17 she started working for a medical clinic in West Perth. At the clinic she assisted a Specialist Immunologist, a Paediatrician, a Women’s Health Doctor, a Podiatrist, a Dietician, 2 Nurses and a gym. By doing this she gained a lot more experience in the Medical Reception field.

In 2011 for a lifestyle change she moved to Tamworth NSW, where she worked as a Dental Nurse. The country life and distance from family however didn’t suit her, so she decided after a year it was time to come back home to Perth WA.

In February 2012 she went in for an interview at Cottesloe Physiotherapy Centre, the interview shortly became a reunion of sorts as it was determined that Greg Diamond spent a lot of his childhood on her families dairy farm and was close to a the majority of her family members. She has now been at Cottesloe Physiotherapy Centre for 3 years and is happily working as the business's Practice Manager and Marketing Coordinator.