Potty Brains – The Dope on Dope!


There is a lot of emotive media calling for the use of ‘medical marijuana’ for pain relief for chronic pain and degenerative conditions. The benefits of occasional use as a medicine may yet prove to be beneficial.

New research out of the university of Texas Brain Health Centre has found regular users, over several years have a smaller orbitofrontal cortex an area of the frontal lobes of the brain involved with decision making and assessing rewards or punishment for their actions.

Potty Brains - The Dope on Dope

Potty Brains – The Dope on Dope

There was an associated increase in inter-brain connections which the researchers feel was the brain compensating for the decrease in brain volume.

No immediate decline in function was noted by the researchers but it does add fuel to some of the research suggesting long term marijuana use may not be the safe option that supporters advocate.



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