Need More Reasons to Exercise?

More evidence supporting the value of exercising (I know, I know
I’m preaching to the converted). Recent research out of Finland has found that people who have the highest levels of fitness, strength and physical activity also have the least stress and improved mental resilience.

Researcher’s suspect that being fitter helps your brain buffer the effects of stress and fosters a sense of well-being that further improves mental health.

Need More Reasons to Exercise?

Need More Reasons to Exercise?



About Greg

Greg qualified in July 1982 graduating from the W.A.I.T (now Curtin University) and began his career at Royal Perth Hospital working in various areas of expertise as he gradually rotated through the different disciplines. This was a fantastic experience for a new graduate as he was exposed to so many different experiences.

He left in 1985 to continue Post Graduate studies and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulate Therapy (now called Musculoskeletal Therapy). He returned to Royal Perth Hospital as the Senior Physiotherapist in the Out Patient department for two years before a foray into private practice working for another practitioner in the city then joining his father’s practice in 1989.

His area of interest is all musculoskeletal pain but especially the spine. He loves neck and back problems!