Muscle Means Miracles

Those who have been under my care would know my often repeated maxim, that having greater muscle strength around a damaged joint affords you a lot of protection from poor function and even pain. This is because it shares load with the joint taking pressure off it and so decreasing its irritation.

Yes I know
 many of you are now saying
. Yeah sure Greg, but I can’t lift those heavy weights or work against those resistances that would cause improvements.

Good news
you don’t have to!  Research done in Canada in 2010 showed quite clearly that using low weights and resistance training but to the point of fatigue caused increases in size and strength of muscle equal, to those using much heavier weights.

Muscle Means Miracles

Muscle Means Miracles

The trick apparently is getting to that point of fatigue where you literally cannot do another repetition of the movement.  In the “rest” period of the next day or two the body works hard to repair the fatigued muscle and the result?  You end up stronger and more toned.

So if you thought that kilo or two weight was too light to give you benefit
. Think again!  You can start anywhere and get better and stronger.  Two to three times a week can get great results!

About Greg

Greg qualified in July 1982 graduating from the W.A.I.T (now Curtin University) and began his career at Royal Perth Hospital working in various areas of expertise as he gradually rotated through the different disciplines. This was a fantastic experience for a new graduate as he was exposed to so many different experiences.

He left in 1985 to continue Post Graduate studies and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulate Therapy (now called Musculoskeletal Therapy). He returned to Royal Perth Hospital as the Senior Physiotherapist in the Out Patient department for two years before a foray into private practice working for another practitioner in the city then joining his father’s practice in 1989.

His area of interest is all musculoskeletal pain but especially the spine. He loves neck and back problems!