Is Your Chest Making You Sore?

A very interesting article in a physio “In Touch” magazine has researcher Linda-Joy Lee investigating problems with our ribs, thoracic spine and sternum or more correctly how those three things interrelate and how when these go wrong lots of other things can go astray.

Some of her examples show problem shoulders sorted by treating this thoracic ring, neck mobility improved and abdominal and chest pain relieved.

Is Your Chest Making You Sore?

Is Your Chest Making You Sore?

To read more about Lee’s research into the “thoracic ring” check out this link

A new method for assessing these tricky diagnostic problems is the Ridgway Method

Having problems that are a bit mysterious in origin… It may be a problem with your thoracic ring.  Let us have a look and see where the problem is really coming from! Call us on 9384 4237.


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