Do You Need Taping?

Taping is a very useful tool to help manage conditions. It is in no way a ‘magic cure’ or ‘quick fix’ for musculoskeletal conditions, however it can help to speed recovery, off load injuries and maintain function and activity during the recovery stages. It is best to only be taped if you have been assessed by your physio and they have advised you what type of taping you need.

Common taping approaches include; taping of the upper and lower back to provide support or muscle activation. Shoulder taping for support, protection or return to sport. Elbow taping for tennis elbow to off load as well as wrist taping to offload and provide support. Knee taping for patella femoral pain, to provide support, offload the knee cap or assist in return to sport. Ankle taping to assist recovery after sprains or assist return to sport and lastly foot taping to provide arch support. There are many other different methods of taping and for many different injuries; however these need to be determined by your physio.

There are also different types of tape which can be used depending on the musculoskeletal condition. The three main types of tape are Fixomul, rigid tape and Dynamic tape. Fixomul is a white tape which is usually used underneath rigid tape as an anchor and also because it is less allergenic than other tapes. Rigid tape is a brown tape with very minimal elasticity in it as the name would suggest, this tape is usually used for providing support as well as offloading injuries. Lastly dynamic tape is a stretchy tape which has a fair amount of elasticity in it, making it great for offloading injuries and encouraging muscle activation during the return to sport.

Do You Need Taping?

Do You Need Taping?

At Cottesloe Physio we offer free taping services for current patients and a small fee for non current patents. Do you need taping? or feel that it may help you? Why not call us today on 93844237 if you feel you would benefit from being taped, or just to have a free 10 minute assessment to see if taping would be right for you.


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